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Astro Developments Inc. revolutionized an Electrical Supply Wholesale Distributor’s operations by developing a comprehensive e-commerce platform, integrating real-time stock checks, quote functionalities, and online account balance inquiries, alongside boosting their digital footprint on major social channels and search engines, significantly enhancing customer engagement and streamlining the sales process.

Modernizing Wholesale in a Digital Era

Our client faced the following critical challenges:

Strategic Approach

Conducting Digital Currents to Revitalize Sales

We created a seamless e-commerce store, integrated with their existing CRM, to streamline quote processing and stock checks.

Clients can now instantly view their account balances, enhancing transparency and trust.

We amplified their digital presence, optimizing their visibility on Google and engaging customers on Instagram and Facebook.


A Circuit of Success: Enhanced Sales and Customer Engagement


Continued Innovation for Sustained Growth

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Navigating Economic Challenges With Strategic Grants And Loans​

Astro Developments guided a client through economic challenges, leveraging a $15K grant and a $100K interest-free loan, resulting in enhanced operations and growth.

Empowering Business Resilience In Uncertain Times

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Able ELectrical

An Electrical Services Company’s Digital Transformation

Astro Developments amplified an electrical company's reach by creating an SEO-optimized website and social profiles, significantly boosting their online visibility and organic lead generation.

Best Practices For Linkedin Features Used For Social Recruiting

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